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Part 3 War on Land and Water

Richard Marshall

Part 4 War on Land and Water

Piedad Ayala

Educating  the Greater Sacramento area

Tea   Party   United

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Part 2  The War on land and Water.

Caught on camera Congress signs over our sovereignty  to the UN.

United We Stand  .  Divided We Fall

Texas Field Rep.

Caught on tape admitting to using voter fraud.

Our National Anthem  Performed by the gifted Jill Leal.

Part 1 The War on Land and Water.

  Gust speaker Micheal Coffman

 We are a non partisan organization and do not endorse any candidates, although we do hold true to Conservative values which is, a Government  that governs least governs best.Our primary goal is to Educate ourselves and others regarding the issues effecting our Nation.

Voter Fraud is real.

More than ever we must defend our freedom by defending the Integrity of our votes. Learn how you can help.