Voter Fraud is a Big Issue in California and the Nation

Learn how you can help stop it.

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For information Call  916-  222 -4003

Tea   Party   United

Tea Party United is a 501C-3 Educational Charity. We are a non partisan organization and do not endorse any candidates, although we do hold true to Conservative values which is, a Government  that governs least governs best.

United We Stand  .  Divided We Fall

Educating  the Greater Sacramento area

Texas Field Rep.

Caught on tape admitting to using voter fraud.

We meet the 3rd Thursday of each month. 7 PM in Lincoln, Calif.

We are adding Day time meetings.

Call the number above for the latest information,

or go to the Contact page and e-mail us. We hope to see you soon.

Our National Anthem  Performed by the gifted Jill Leal.

Part 1 The War on Land and Water.

  Gust speaker Micheal Coffman

Part 2  The War on land and Water.

Caught on camera Congress signs over our sovereignty  to the UN.

Scroll down for the War on Land and Water Series

Part 4 War on Land and Water

Piedad Ayala

Part 3 War on Land and Water

Richard Marshall